Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi there!

Well, being so many miles away from friends and family made me realize we needed to start some kind of update for The Windsors! After much thought, the only right solution was start a BLOG. This collection of information, thoughts, photos and even videos..( if you're lucky).. is mostly to keep all our loved ones..( that's you) in the know of this next season we are about to dive head first into..PARENTHOOD!!!

My aim is to keep updated ramblings of how beautiful and amazing our little girl thousands of photos of her every move... and any other exciting news regarding Savannah.

I am sure some posts will be short and sweet... some long and emotional...All in all, this blog hopefully will help you feel more connected to our world, know what to pray for us and to join us on this beautiful journey as we raise this little girl.

We love and Miss you!
Daniel, Lauren and Soon to Arrive.. Sweet sweet Savannah


  1. Lauren, So excited to follow Savannah through this blog!!! I will be praying for you as you and Daniel get closer and closer to S's arrival :)

  2. Lauren & Daniel,

    As our first great grandchild, we are so looking forward to little Savannah's arrival.
    Send lots of pictures and keep us posted on
    her activities. You won't be getting much sleep for a few months, so you'll have plenty of time to blog (ha). Love you all. Meme