Friday, August 7, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

As you all know...on July 23rd, at 7:39pm our beauty, Savannah Hope Windsor came into the world. She was a healthy 8 in a half pounds and almost 21 inches long! I could not believe that when they told me!! The labor and delivery went well. I ended up having to have some help because her head was sideways and the cord was around her neck...( just like me when I was a baby). Seeing her for the first time was a moment I will never forget... and when i heard her cry, tears of love streamed down my face. Daniel was simply beaming the second he saw her...another moment I will cherish forever.

Savannah is now almost 3 weeks old and is changing daily!! She is the best baby...only cries when she is hungry, sleeps very well.. about 4 hrs at a time, is feeding well, and has such a great little personality already! We are loving each and every minute with her! She loves music, hates to be naked, has two dimples on both sides of her cheeks when she smiles and has really really long, full eyelashes. I think she is going to have blue eyes like Daniel and dark hair like her Mama. Everyone who sees her either on facebook, or in person says... wow.. she is so beautiful. They aren't telling us anything we don't already know! "Beauty" is Daniel's little nickname for her which seems to fit very well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A thought from Pops!

Well 3 and a half weeks away from stepping into a new season of life. FATHERHOOD...It took me a long time to actually process this. It started out with not really knowing what to think. Going in to see her for the first time was a true wake up call...I never imagined what it would feel like to actually take part in creating another human life. I mean, that was the easy part what is next is where the challenge lies. I actually have the responsibility of completely molding another life. At first just the idea of that freaked me out beyond words. I would say; "What have I got myself into," and things like that.

I really started praying about this thought, meditating on this idea of fatherhood. I remember literally looking up in the shower one day and saying out loud;"How do you do it?" A few words came to my mind, Love, patience, perseverance. Then I felt like I heard the "Father" say to me you do not have to do it alone, I am here with you. Immediately I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and a peace. Yes I am going to be a dad but my Father will always be there to help me be a father. I have a huge responsibility ahead of me, I understand that raising a child and molding a life is not easy but what a "hope" I have found(Literally Savvy Hope haha). I kind of chuckle saying that because it is cliche but it is so true. I would not fail Savannah in the slightest if all I did throughout all of her upbringing was soley rely on God to help get me through it. She would be better for it and that is the truth. Yes we will mess up in some decisions and she will pick up on some of our personality traits(good and bad), but in the end I hope she will read this and agree that I did everything I could to get out of the way and allow God to mold her into the mighty woman that she WILL be one day. I thank God for where we are now in our lives, for the support group that we have around us, for great parents on both sides to look at and most of all for a daughter. Savannah Hope Windsor!!

Not long now!!!

Well, I am 36 weeks pregnant today with "littles". Went to the Dr this morning... all looked great. She had a strong steady heartbeat, measured right on track and is now head down. The midwife thinks she is going to have long legs like Daniel... That I am thankful for :) She is presently "womb-dwelling" in a upside down arch that makes her legs stretch out so her feet are always kicking and poking me in the side. Funny thing, after she is born...I will probably miss those lil kicks.

We go back to the Dr in two weeks... at 38 weeks.. so close! I still cant believe she will be in our arms so soon. I have really been blessed with an amazing pregnancy, but I am ready to welcome her into this world... that is for sure.


Hi there!

Well, being so many miles away from friends and family made me realize we needed to start some kind of update for The Windsors! After much thought, the only right solution was start a BLOG. This collection of information, thoughts, photos and even videos..( if you're lucky).. is mostly to keep all our loved ones..( that's you) in the know of this next season we are about to dive head first into..PARENTHOOD!!!

My aim is to keep updated ramblings of how beautiful and amazing our little girl thousands of photos of her every move... and any other exciting news regarding Savannah.

I am sure some posts will be short and sweet... some long and emotional...All in all, this blog hopefully will help you feel more connected to our world, know what to pray for us and to join us on this beautiful journey as we raise this little girl.

We love and Miss you!
Daniel, Lauren and Soon to Arrive.. Sweet sweet Savannah